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Our Individual service covers the Forex Majors plus the Dow Jones, FTSE, Gold and Brent Crude Oil, posting daily reports with Charts, Levels and Commentary.

This product is our "entry level" service, more suited towards for Individual traders*.

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Without doubt the last few years have been amongst the most interesting and volatile eras in modern times, whether it be the Bond markets, Equities, Forex or Commodities.

This has coincided with the increased accessibility of the world's financial markets to private traders through direct market access, spread betting or CFDs.

Technical Analysis is the one method that can be applied across all asset classes to make sense of what's going on in the world. By simply following the trends you would have been able to have the correct skew on many of the big moves we've seen in recent years, whatever market you're involved in.

FuturesTechs has been advising Institutions for over 15 years.

*Only available to High Net Worth Individuals and those with sufficient market experience: "Elected Professionals" to use the FCA's parlance.

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