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SUPPORT AND RESISTANCE- Looks at basic chart types and their construction, as well as spotting and applying trendlines and support and resistance levels to charts. Includes pattern analysis (Such as Head and Shoulders and continuation patterns) and Fibonacci applications.

CANDLESTICKS - An in depth look at the myriad of reversal patterns and their psychology - from one of the UK's leading exponents on the subject.

MOMENTUM INDICATORS  - If it's all double dutch this course will unravel the complexities and uses, as well as talk about the shortcomings of the most commonly used Indicators, eg MACD, RSI, Stochastics, ATR.

MOVING AVERAGES - Takes a closer look at this well-watched form of trend following analysis, it's strengths and weakness. Also covers Bollinger Bands.

MARKET PROFILE - Goes into the Construction and "Day Types", as well as studying value areas, single print tails, and Auction Market Theory (also known as Volume Profiles) and the use of Composite Profile charts. Clive teaches this course to the STA Diploma Students annually and is one of the UK's leading experts on this form of analysis, which is receivng increased attention in recent years.

As well as these subjects Clive is a proficient speaker that can cover a variety of other Technical Methodologies such as Point & Figure, Ichimoku and Elliott Wave Analysis.

Courses can be tailor made for your requirements; In the past we have delivered everything from a 1 hour "taster" session to a comprehensive (27 hour) "Graduate" trainee programme.

Sessions can take place "in house" and be interactive, using live charts to look at bang up to date examples and markets.

Please contact us for further details and to discuss your requirements.

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