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Bund Technical Analysis – Buy the dips!

After a strong session on Thursday that saw us back into positive territory we had a weak day on Friday, but we held above the 130.67 level that has now become our reference point to stay with the bulls.

So this looks like a buying opportunity in a market that is embarking on a resumption of an uptrend, a market that has just seen a pullback within the uptrend, and a market that should now be thinking about retesting the highs at 133.26.

If 130.65 fails to hold the bulls have one more opportunity to salvage things, a gap at 130.25.

Below are the short term support and resistance levels, the important ones highlighted in bold type.

R1 – 131.06
S1 – 130.83
S5 – 130.00
S6 – 129.84

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