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It’s all doom and gloom… time to get long?!

I have been bearish of this market for a good while now and it’s proved fruitful, but today I am thinking that shorts should be covered.
Why, when the Dow has just printed it’s lowest price since 1997, would I suddenly start to think bullish thoughts?
Because I read the papers and listen to the financial news channels, and upon …

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Candlestick Charts – The new book by Clive Lambert, Director, FuturesTechs

“Candlestick Charts – An introduction to candlestick charts”, Clive Lambert’s first (maybe not last!) book has recently been released, and you can get your copy now.
Early feedback has been positive. Thank you to those who have already got their copy, and thank you to those who have offered their thoughts
To order your copy we have set up …

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