FTSE Trading Update – May 4th

Our clients are short the miners and banks – are you? Over the last few weeks our viewing of the Technical Analysis charts has seen us increasing our bearish slant on the FTSE, mainly citing Financials and Miners as the … Continue reading

Technical Analysis Tutorial: Chart Patterns (Continuation)

In this article we’re going to have a look at continuation patterns. These are in contrast to the reversal patterns we’ve already treated in a previous blog post here. My main source is the comprehensive Technical Analysis of the Financial … Continue reading

Technical Analysis Guide: RSI and Parobolic SAR

We included the RSI and Parabolic SAR indicators in the new levels sheet available in our Members Area, so thought that it would be worthwhile to briefly introduce them to anyone who might not be familiar with how they worked … Continue reading

Bear Market Rally or The Real Deal?

Neither, I suspect, is the answer to the above question, at least not as far as where we are at this very moment is concerned: We have been bullish since early March, and have seen the market “climbing the wall … Continue reading