Europe's leading provider of Energy Markets Technical Analysis

Futurestechs has been providing Daily Technical Analysis to Professional traders since 2000. In recent years we have become “Industry Standard” for European Energy Traders, with a client base of the sector’s leading companies; from Brokers to Utilities to Hedge Funds and Trading Houses; who rely on us to provide invaluable guidance on what the charts are saying.

Oil / Gas / Energy

The daily report covers Brent Crude Oil, NYMEX WTI, US Natural Gas, EUA Carbon Emissions, UK NBP Natural Gas, TTF Natural Gas, API2 Coal and German Baseload Power.


FuturesTechs covers Gold and Silver Futures plus CME Platinum and Palladium Futures on a daily basis.

Fixed Income and Equity Futures

Coverage includes Bund, Bobl & Schatz Futures, as well as DAX, Eurostoxx, FTSE, S&P and Dow Futures.

Forex and Crypto

A weekly look at developments on the charts in the Forex Majors and the Cryptocurrency world.

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Daily Technical Analysis for the Professional Trader

Futurestechs has been a market leader in providing daily Technical Analysis to Professional Traders since 2000...

Strategic Partnerships and White Label Solutions

Futurestechs works with several organisations to produce specific content that they use to promote their products.

Training Courses and Seminars

Clive Lambert, founding Director of Futurestechs, has been training traders on Technical Analysis for over 20 years now, and has helped...

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