FTSE Technical Analysis

Three charts to show you today: Here is a Weekly showing the gently sloping DOWNTREND LINE that can be placed above the lower highs since the failure/high in October 2007. What this shows is that the recent rise has taken … Continue reading

Dax Technical Analysis – The 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement

2012 has started well for equity investors as January has seen gains across the board. A standout performer is the Dax which has gained 10.9% YTD as of the close on the 26th January. Mainstream financial media would have you … Continue reading

Silver Technical Analysis

This is the hot topic of the moment, with massive moves seen in recent days. Clive appeared on CNBC on April 27th talking about the “Long Legged Doji” reversal that we’d seen on the 25th, and how this might be … Continue reading

Eurostoxx Technical Analysis – 4th May

This morning’s support and resistance levels in the Eurostoxx 50 Futures included 2957 as an important reference above and 2925 as our first support below. It is Midday now (in the UK) and the range has been 2926-2958. This is … Continue reading

Bund Technical Analysis – Buy the dips!

After a strong session on Thursday that saw us back into positive territory we had a weak day on Friday, but we held above the 130.67 level that has now become our reference point to stay with the bulls. So … Continue reading

Using Fibonacci retracements – A practical example using the FTSE Chart

We are often asked how we use Fibonacci retracements, and what time frames they are best used on. Let’s look at the FTSE Futures chart right now to try and give a flavour of how they can help us. Since … Continue reading