FTSE Technical Analysis

Three charts to show you today: Here is a Weekly showing the gently sloping DOWNTREND LINE that can be placed above the lower highs since the failure/high in October 2007. What this shows is that the recent rise has taken … Continue reading

FTSE Futures hold key support – Technical Analysis

September 23rd 2010. FTSE Futures Commentary for FuturesTechs’ customers: Yesterday morning saw a sell off from 5579 to 5494.5, at which point we were looking towards bold support at 5471 and wondering if/when it would see a test. It didn’t … Continue reading

Futures Roll-over – How it works

Our clients who trade Spread Bet and CFDs often seem rather perplexed around this time because the Futures are rolling over and all the talk is of “expiry”, “triple witching”, “quadruple witching”, “roll-over”, “new front month”, “rolling off the board”, … Continue reading

FTSE Technical Analysis – 22nd January

Below are some “general thoughts” on the FTSE that I sent out to our “Pro” client base this morning: I was sticking with the trend until yesterday, and looking for levels like 5400 in FTSE Futures and 1127 in the … Continue reading

Technical Analysis of FTSE, Gold and other things that are flying high!

WHAT DO WE THINK NOW? At FuturesTechs we analyse 28 different markets each day and give our trading clients regular up to date analysis on the current thinking and market’s state of mind. We look at Bonds, Forex, Commodities and … Continue reading

Weekly Summary – FTSE, Oil, Gold Technical Analysis Outlook – 10th November

Last week’s big highlight was meant to be the US Employment Report. As it turned out all the action was before this, and the numbers were a bit of a damp squib (like the topical analogy there?). Equity markets have … Continue reading

World Money Show “Witch Way for the FTSE” Competition Winner!

If you came to see us at the World Money Show the other week then this is the moment you’ve been waiting for! We are pleased to announce the winner of our “Witch Way for the FTSE” competition is Lukhvinder … Continue reading

Using Fibonacci retracements – A practical example using the FTSE Chart

We are often asked how we use Fibonacci retracements, and what time frames they are best used on. Let’s look at the FTSE Futures chart right now to try and give a flavour of how they can help us. Since … Continue reading

FTSE Trading using Levels

We often get asked “How can I use your product?” FuturesTechs provides support and resistance levels to professional traders across a range of different Futures markets. They use our levels as the basis of their day trading. Unfortunately I often … Continue reading

The Sentiment Cycle – An interesting perspective

______________________________________ The first speaker on the  Society of Technical Analysts (STA) annual diploma course, at least for the last few years, has been Julian McCree, who always extolls the idea of Market Sentiment, and in particular the Sentiment Cycle, a … Continue reading