Candlestick Pattern of the day – FTSE – Gravestone Doji

Yesterday’s FTSE Futures price action resulted in a powerful “Gravestone Doji” reversal pattern being posted on the Daily Chart. If you’ve read “Candlestick Charts” by yours truly you’ll know this is a pattern with a¬†Bearish implications¬†matching it’s rather morbid sounding … Continue reading

Gold Technical Analysis for 14th September

All week now we’ve been suggesting that Marabuzo support at 1720.6 would be a good place for a buy order. Yesterday this was proved in some style. Just prior to the FOMC announcement we got a 1720 print. Then we … Continue reading

Bund Technical Analysis

When I first started FuturesTechs in 2000 the Bund was the main contract that our clients were watching. I still think of it as our “Flagship” report to this day (even though we probably have more readers for our commodity … Continue reading

Eurostoxx Technical Analysis – 4th May

This morning’s support and resistance levels in the Eurostoxx 50 Futures included 2957 as an important reference above and 2925 as our first support below. It is Midday now (in the UK) and the range has been 2926-2958. This is … Continue reading

Marabuzo!! A great bit of Candlestick work.

One of the things we at FuturesTechs towers take very seriously is Marabuzo lines. What are they? A large bodied candlestick on a Daily chart is the result of a big one way push over the course of a day. … Continue reading