Gold Technical Analysis

In yesterday’s Gold report we wrote: “Are we on the cusp of something trend changing, or will the bulls rescue things once more by keeping us above 1524? We could well have the answer to this by the end of … Continue reading

Forex Technical Analysis

For today’s Forex “Lunch” Report we looked at the Dollar Index . As well as covering 4 major FX Crosses every morning we also send out a lunchtime update on anything that’s of interest in FX Land! Below (click on … Continue reading

Silver and FTSE Technical Analysis

This morning’s reports on Silver and the FTSE would have reaped dividends for our clients, for different reasons. Here’s the text of the FTSE Futures report: We have posted the “all sessions” chart today because it’s actually a bit cleaner, … Continue reading

Gold Technical Analysis

We have posted today’s Gold comment below. In European trade we have seen a hold of our key support level of 1486.9-1487.7, so the trendline is holding firm, suggesting this is a buying opportunity. We now need to see 1500 … Continue reading

FTSE Technical Analysis – Neckline holds

Last week we posted a Blog about the potential Head and Shoulders pattern forming in the FTSE Futures. Things got interesting with respect to this yesterday, which was the crux of our morning report, reproduced below. The fact that we’re … Continue reading

Gold Technical Analysis – Holding trend support.

Today’s Gold report from FuturesTechs focused on the trend support line that’s doing a job right now, and we switched back to a bullish stance, thinking that the market can head higher from here, making this a buying opportunity. From … Continue reading

S&P 500 Technical Analysis

Below is the Comment and Chart from today’s FuturesTechs report. As well as this we provide Support and Resistance levels from our own analysis, as well as “Automated” levels referencing Market Profile, Pivot Points and Moving Averages. If you would … Continue reading

FTSE Technical Analysis – Head and Shoulders forming?

We have sent an extra report to our customers this morning, outlining the POTENTIAL sell signal that’s looming in the FTSE Futures. Here is the text and accompanying chart: We have a potential “Head and Shoulders” pattern forming in the … Continue reading

Brent Crude Technical Analysis

Here is a segment from today’s Brent Crude Technical Analysis report from FuturesTechs. We gave clients a preemptive “call” prior to last week’s sell off, and this morning’s price action, a failure at 118.37, could be the start of the … Continue reading

Bund Technical Analysis

When I first started FuturesTechs in 2000 the Bund was the main contract that our clients were watching. I still think of it as our “Flagship” report to this day (even though we probably have more readers for our commodity … Continue reading