Equity Indices Technical Analysis Outlook – Jaunary 2014

Here at FuturesTechs we cover the Futures for the following Indices on a daily basis. Below are a few lines on each Index. If you wish to have a free trial with no obligation please let us know. DAX Futures … Continue reading

Candlestick Pattern of the day – FTSE – Gravestone Doji

Yesterday’s FTSE Futures price action resulted in a powerful “Gravestone Doji” reversal pattern being posted on the Daily Chart. If you’ve read “Candlestick Charts” by yours truly you’ll know this is a pattern with a Bearish implications matching it’s rather morbid sounding … Continue reading

FTSE Futures Technical Analysis for 4th September

Here is an excerpt from our FTSE Futures report that was sent to our clients at 6.48 (UK time) this morning. As you can see our trade idea was to sell at 5745 with targets at 5720, 5695 and 5670. … Continue reading

FTSE Futures Technical Analysis for 16th August

Below is the commentary and chart from the FTSE Futures report sent to our clients this morning prior to the open. We had a look at the “bigger picture” today, and it’s an interesting chart… .   The short term charts … Continue reading

S&P and FTSE Technical Analysis

The last few days have seen some big swings either way in Equity markets. “Where next?” I hear you ask! Our chief market analyst Clive Lambert was on CNBC last night trying to pick the bones out of this price … Continue reading

Silver and FTSE Technical Analysis

This morning’s reports on Silver and the FTSE would have reaped dividends for our clients, for different reasons. Here’s the text of the FTSE Futures report: We have posted the “all sessions” chart today because it’s actually a bit cleaner, … Continue reading

FTSE Technical Analysis – Neckline holds

Last week we posted a Blog about the potential Head and Shoulders pattern forming in the FTSE Futures. Things got interesting with respect to this yesterday, which was the crux of our morning report, reproduced below. The fact that we’re … Continue reading

FTSE Technical Analysis – Head and Shoulders forming?

We have sent an extra report to our customers this morning, outlining the POTENTIAL sell signal that’s looming in the FTSE Futures. Here is the text and accompanying chart: We have a potential “Head and Shoulders” pattern forming in the … Continue reading

We also do Technical Analysis on UK Stocks!

Below is a sample of a note we sent to our “Premium” clients today; those clients who receive our Trade Recommendations service covering Individual UK Stocks. We’ve gone a bit quiet on this front of late as we await some … Continue reading

FTSE Technical Analysis

As the FTSE Futures near important resistance levels, the Year’s highs, we posted a comment this morning that started off in our normal level headed manner, then descended into something of a rant! Here it is for all to share!!! … Continue reading