Forex Technical Analysis – Why we’re long of Cable

We have been trying to get long of Cable for the last few days. On Friday our money management rules saw us scratch our first “go”, so no harm done there. Yesterday’s move down to 1.5143 stopped us out on our second … Continue reading

Oil Technical Analysis for 8th August

On July 17th Brent gave a buy signal from a “Head and Shoulders bottom” pattern. On that day we finished our commentary thus: 116.65 here we come!!! Since then we’ve seen a rally to 108.18 then a pullback that held … Continue reading

Silver and FTSE Technical Analysis

This morning’s reports on Silver and the FTSE would have reaped dividends for our clients, for different reasons. Here’s the text of the FTSE Futures report: We have posted the “all sessions” chart today because it’s actually a bit cleaner, … Continue reading

FTSE Technical Analysis – Neckline holds

Last week we posted a Blog about the potential Head and Shoulders pattern forming in the FTSE Futures. Things got interesting with respect to this yesterday, which was the crux of our morning report, reproduced below. The fact that we’re … Continue reading

FTSE Technical Analysis – Head and Shoulders forming?

We have sent an extra report to our customers this morning, outlining the POTENTIAL sell signal that’s looming in the FTSE Futures. Here is the text and accompanying chart: We have a potential “Head and Shoulders” pattern forming in the … Continue reading