Silver Technical Analysis for 26th September

Our clients will be well aware that we have been getting increasingly bearish of Silver in recent days. Let’s have a look at what hasĀ prompted this shift in sentiment. “Bigger picture” charts have a major Fibonacci resistance at 35.16. This … Continue reading

Silver and FTSE Technical Analysis

This morning’s reports on Silver and the FTSE would have reaped dividends for our clients, for different reasons. Here’s the text of the FTSE Futures report: We have posted the “all sessions” chart today because it’s actually a bit cleaner, … Continue reading

Silver Technical Analysis

This is the hot topic of the moment, with massive moves seen in recent days. Clive appeared on CNBC on April 27th talking about the “Long Legged Doji” reversal that we’d seen on the 25th, and how this might be … Continue reading

Dollar Index and Short Sterling Technical Analysis

I’ll keep it simple today. I was on CNBC last night, when I talked about Short Sterling, the Dollar Index, and Silver, and what the Candlestick Charts are showing us on those markets. PleaseĀ  Click here to go to our … Continue reading

Silver Technical Analysis – Interesting developments…

Last Thursday we highlighted Silver, which we described as being “on a tear”. We have since added 10% then given back 10%, rejecting a high just shy of the psychologically important 50 bucks mark. Here’s what we’ve put out to … Continue reading

FuturesTechs Daily Blog – Silver Technical Analysis – on a tear!

Below is today’s sample of one of our reports, looking at Silver, which is “going parabolic” as we put it! We cover 22 markets every day, giving Chart, Support and Resistance levels, plus Commentary each morning before the markets open. … Continue reading