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Market Profile does a great job giving us levels in the DAX!

Tonight I am lecturing at the London School of Economics for the UK Society of Technical Analysts as part of their annual Diploma Course. My subject matter for the evening is Market Profile, something we used extensively in our reports. Below are two charts. The first one shows the Market Profiles for the DAX over the last 8 days. The

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15 Candles for Futurestechs

Futurestechs celebrates 15 years!

On March 13th 2000 I set up Futurestechs, having just spent the previous 10 years as a broker on the LIFFE Floor. At the time many LIFFE Floor operatives were embarking on a whole new way of doing things, trading in front of screens, clicking a mouse instead of shouting at people!

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FuturesTechs Technical Analysis February 2012 Review

The month of February was dominated by headlines surrounding the ECB’s second LTRO and further ambiguous rescue plans for Greece. Nevertheless, investment themes impemented in January remained prevalent throughout February with Equity and Commodity markets continuing to trend higher.
FuturesTechs Liam Roberts wrote a review of various asset classes and sectors in this months February review. Click the link below

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FuturesTechs Technical Analysis January 2012 Review

So goes January, so goes the year, is a phrase often circulated around the market as the big players and fund managers decide how they want to be positioned for the year ahead. January 2012 was an exceptional month distinguished by significant rallies in banking stocks, tightening of European bond spreads, and a resurgent Euro.
FuturesTechs Liam Roberts wrote a brief review of January

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The New Futurestechs ipad App is now live!

We are pleased to announce that our ipad/iphone App is now available to download from the App Store (simply search for “Futurestechs”).
We would like to invite you (client or otherwise) to download the App.
We are running a 2 week Free Trial Period when you can look at all the reports (After that access will be

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Dow Down 777: Unprecedented markets.

Apologies for not posting any Blogs of late. The current market conditions have made for a busy time at FuturesTechs towers!
I’ve said a few things on today’s reports that don’t usually appear in our comments. Things like this from the Bund report:

“I was around in 1987, and 1992, and September 11th 2001. These were all similarly seismic

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