Special offer for our Social Media followers

Hello. You’ve most likely ended up here because you’ve clicked a link or message from your Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook account. Here at FuturesTechs we find Social Media, particularly Twitter, to be an excellent way of adding some value to … Continue reading

Silver Technical Analysis for 26th September

Our clients will be well aware that we have been getting increasingly bearish of Silver in recent days. Let’s have a look at what has┬áprompted this shift in sentiment. “Bigger picture” charts have a major Fibonacci resistance at 35.16. This … Continue reading

S&P and FTSE Technical Analysis

The last few days have seen some big swings either way in Equity markets. “Where next?” I hear you ask! Our chief market analyst Clive Lambert was on CNBC last night trying to pick the bones out of this price … Continue reading

Silver and FTSE Technical Analysis

This morning’s reports on Silver and the FTSE would have reaped dividends for our clients, for different reasons. Here’s the text of the FTSE Futures report: We have posted the “all sessions” chart today because it’s actually a bit cleaner, … Continue reading

FTSE Technical Analysis – Neckline holds

Last week we posted a Blog about the potential Head and Shoulders pattern forming in the FTSE Futures. Things got interesting with respect to this yesterday, which was the crux of our morning report, reproduced below. The fact that we’re … Continue reading

S&P 500 Technical Analysis

Below is the Comment and Chart from today’s FuturesTechs report. As well as this we provide Support and Resistance levels from our own analysis, as well as “Automated” levels referencing Market Profile, Pivot Points and Moving Averages. If you would … Continue reading

FTSE Technical Analysis – Head and Shoulders forming?

We have sent an extra report to our customers this morning, outlining the POTENTIAL sell signal that’s looming in the FTSE Futures. Here is the text and accompanying chart: We have a potential “Head and Shoulders” pattern forming in the … Continue reading

Technical Analysis Training with Clive Lambert

FuturesTechs has delivered seminars for 7 City Learning for many years, and their latest public course is on October 14th 2010. This is a full days training with FuturesTechs’ Director Clive Lambert, introducing a wide range of Technical Analysis methods … Continue reading

Technical Analysis Tutorial: Market Profile (1)

Market Profile (c) is a distinct way of charting and analysing price action. It has a very different feel to normal methods of charting, so be prepared to look at markets in a very different way after reading this tutorial! … Continue reading

Technical Analysis Tutorial: Candlestick Compendium!

This is a quick summary of important candlestick patterns. It’s presumed that you know the basics of candles: if you don’t, see the article links in our Members Area. Without further ado, let’s begin. 1. Bullish Marabuzo Number of candles: … Continue reading