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The week so far – Equities still rallying, Oil all time highs… again!

We were cheered by last Thursday’s rally in Equity markets, where the technical charts gave breakaway signals on several markets. Since then many Equity markets have held key support levels and we continue to move higher.

We are now at levels not seen since January in markets like the DAX Futures (next target gap resistance at 7342.5), the FTSE 100 Futures (there’s an upside gap at 6337.5) and the S&P 500 Futures (with another gap at 1451.20 that we’re targeting).

In the meantime the “hot” story right now is Oil, which is making new all time highs almost by the day. Goldman Sachs came out with a target of $200 for a 6 month to 2 year view. This was the same chap that targeted $100 a few years back which was met with guffaws at the time. Say no more.

Technically there’s been very little in the way of sell signals in Oil in recent years. At FuturesTechs I think we’ve been Bullish more or less non-stop since $30!!

Our next short term target area for the ICE Brent Crude Oil contract is £123.37-65. We use Elliott Wave projections to come up with these targets.

Gold and Silver are getting close to giving fresh sell signals so we’re watching this situation closely.

Our sell trade in Soybean Futures hasn’t gone exactly to plan although we are yet to close above our stop level of 1305.

Hope you’re having a good week, and if you’re in the UK I hope you’re enjoying this bout of fine weather!!