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Interesting times in Oil… On yer bike!!

$16.80 in 2 days. That’s how much July Brent Crude went up on Thursday and Friday of last week. That’s just under 15%.

A rise of just under 15% in 2 days? Excuse me? Are you serious?

Has anyone dusted off their pushbike over the weekend? If you didn’t you may be by next weekend! Make room for the car in the garage. You can get fit on a bike, and save on petrol!

And the price of Oil could go a lot higher in the coming days and weeks because we are in a bubble. So what does this mean for us as traders?

I tell you one thing: It doesn’t mean sell it!! This is a common mistake to make. You don’t get prizes for selling the top of a market. You shouldn’t be trying to sell into such rises. What’s wrong with trying to get on the dominant up-move? Or to get back to the pushbike theme don’t you prefer cycling with the wind behind you rather than it blowing into your face?

We could easily go to $150, or even beyond, and it can happen in the coming days or weeks.

Even if I look back at this Blog and today turns out to be the day we topped out I wouldn’t be worried, because I can safely say I don’t care if I miss the first 10% of the sell-off, because there will be a lot more to go to take advantage of.

Last week, when we were selling off, we said that we’d expect the buyers to return to the fray at some point, and we had a key support at 121.40 suggested as a bold level. What was the low? 121.32.

It’s much better to buy a pullback in a strong uptrend than continually try and bat against it by being short.

Just think about being on your bike on a windy day!!