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Scary Bond markets, Predicatable Equities, Volatile Oil, and Footy with no England… Hmmmmm

Another busy week in the markets:

Bond markets have pretty much gone one way all week, and it’s been quite tidy, barring the first hour blip in the Eurex Bund Futures on Monday. I have spoken to several traders this week as it was the IDX Exhibition in London. To a man they said that Monday was one of the craziest moves they’d ever seen in these markets. Technical Analysis allowed us to step back from this and suggest it may be a selling opportunity. Sweet!

Equities have been pretty predictable, I think. Across most markets is looking increasingly Bearish and I said at the SII Risk Forum last night that I think we’ll see a fresh test of the Year’s lows soon in things like the FTSE, DAX, Dow Jones and S&P. The NASDAQ has been the most resiliant of late, but even that has now given a sell signal.

Oil is a market for the brave right now. It’s just insane!!! In the Brent Crude Oil contract on ICE we’ve seen so much volatility that it does smack of a top, but as yet we haven’t broken any really important supports, so we’re not calling a top. In fact we still consider that weakness should be bought.

And a football tournament that I have absolutely no interest in is, I have to admit, somewhat strange. I really want Holland to keep up the good work, partly because I really like the Dutch people anyway, and partly because Monday’s game was (what I saw of it) a real joy to watch.