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More tips for new traders – What month is it?!

Whether you’re trading direct market futures, or CFDs or Spread Betting, the lessons you need to learn to become a successful trader are the same, and they’ve been learnt, usually the hard way, by the best traders in the world. The reason they make money trading isn’t anything to do with the type of product they trade, it’s to do with the lessons they’ve learnt, and their day to day disciplined application of those lessons.

Why have I started today’s blog posting along this line? Because it’s the beginning of September, and we’ve just come out of a tough month. August can often be a tough month for traders, as I suggest in the “PS” from my last blog posting. The other reason I’m talking about this is because we’ve lost a few of our newer “individual” customers this month (which is unusual), and the main theme seems to be that they have lost money in August.

Why is August such a tough month? Because half the market participants go on holiday, and the lack of volume can wreak havoc. There are two very different conditions that can ensue:

The market can suddenly become extremely volatile, with moves making little sense. Moves also tend not to last too long, which can be a real problem for analysts like us and traders like you, who rely on sustainable trends unfolding.

Or the market can just go very very quiet and crab sideways with very little interest shown either way. Again this is problematical for many traders, as there are no big moves to get on.

We find it frustrating to talk about these sort of markets as we feel people don’t want to hear “the market not really going anywhere”. But if that’s what’s happening, then that’s what’s happening! This introduces a use for the FuturesTechs service that I’m not sure our newer customers are fully utilising. We will do our best to get you on the right trends at the right time and keep you in a solid move by sticking with the trend, but if things become messy and confused then we will tell you, and if you’re looking for a solid trend it’s time to step away from the screen. Either look at a different market, or catch up with that pile of paperwork that you’ve been meaning to deal with.

The best traders in the world abide by one word more than anything; and I’ve already mentioned it once today: DISCIPLINE. One very important discipline is to make sure you don’t over-trade, you don’t trade because you’re bored, you don’t trade because you need to make X amount by the end of the month. If there’s no clear trend then you are only going to give your money to the market, and there’s plenty of willing takers of your hard earned lolly.

So always be aware of market conditions, and on this note be aware that we are now entering a very interesting period of the year. The run it to Christmas is usually a time when there are strong moves in the market. Between now and November I’m sure we’ll identify plenty of big moves that can be jumped upon and provide profitable trading opportunities.

We may already have the first of these, with Oil selling off through key support (around $110 in Brent Crude) first thing this morning, and Gold Futures failing at key resistance (850) towards the end of last week.

We’ve been in these markets for years, and been analysing them for professional traders since 2000. We’re giving you the chance to share this wisdom on a daily basis, for just 50 quid a month. Can you afford to pass up this opportunity? Do you want to make money trading, or become another one of the 80% who fail?

You decide.