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Introducing the ‘SkewBar’ – a new innovation from FuturesTechs

Here at FuturesTechs we are constantly evolving our product, and in recent years we have added a merry band of private customers and ‘at home’ traders to our following via our website members area.

One request from a good few of our less experienced members is for a bit more clarity as to our current thinking about short term trend, and preferably something visual. So we have devised the coloured bar that you can see next to our levels on the left. We will release this new innovation on Monday 16th November.

You can see there are three colours on display: Green, Grey and Red.

If we are in the green zone the market is bullish technically. In the grey zone the technical outlook for the markets is neutral or uncertain. In the red zone the technicals are bearish.

These “skews” are short term outlooks. The medium and long term pictures may differ. We have decided that the profile of our average customer is short term, so this is the most useful timeframe for a tool of this type.

So let’s think about how different looking SkewBars should be treated.

To the left is an example of a SkewBar that’s more or less all green, with only a dash of red at the bottom. This means that the market is very bullish, and that you probably want to be buying it! We suggest that you trade “to the long side”, looking to try and buy dips to support levels, or buy breakouts through resistance levels. If you were scanning through each of our reports looking for something that might be worth a buy this is the sort of SkewBar you’d be looking for.

Stops can be placed below any support level, of course, but it’s only when we move out of the Green area that the short term skew changes from bullish.

In this case there is no Neutral Zone, the market flips straight to bearish below 120.98.

In this SkewBar the market is pretty neutral, only turning bearish if we break below bold support at 121.63. The neutral skew stays in place until we get all the way up to 123.04. It is only above here that the bulls regain control of things.

In Neutral markets you should can trade in either direction but don’t hold too much conviction. Many traders like neutral conditions as they can do plenty of lower risk “range” trades, trying to do more trades but take smaller amounts of money each time.

You may want to try and “play the range” by buying at the bottom end of the grey band, selling if and when the market gets near the top.

If we then break out of the range by moving into the red or green zones then things have changed and playing the range is no longer the game in town.

Our last example SkewBar is a bear market, and this doesn’t change unless we get above 123.04. Even above here the market only turns neutral. There is no green portion on our SkewBar at all, which means the bulls don’t even get as look in!

We hope this new innovation is a helpful visual addition to our reports. It has been suggested to us that sometimes the reports can be a little ambiguous, and while we try not to send mixed messages sometimes that’s just what the market conditions are. Hopefully the SkewBars will give a little more clarity.

To all our long term readers we’d like to point out that nothing’s changed with this innovation with respect to how we analyse the markets, we’ve just added a bit of colour, if you like!

As always your feedback would be most welcome.