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FTSE Technical Analysis – 22nd January

Below are some “general thoughts” on the FTSE that I sent out to our “Pro” client base this morning:

I was sticking with the trend until yesterday, and looking for levels like 5400 in FTSE Futures and 1127 in the S&P Futures to hold firm. Alas they didn’t.

Obama changed all that.

At the same time as being bullish at the start of this year, I have mentioned to many of you that I’m looking for a pullback some time this year that will take us back to somewhere like 4750 or even 4250.

Is this it? Let’s look at the last two sell offs; the 23rd October – 3rd November move, and the 23rd-27th November sell off. The first of these shed 317 points on the Futures, the latter 299.

So far from high to low this time we’ve lost 314 points – very similar, suggesting we could be in dip buying territory.

We won’t need to wait long to find out, and for now I would be getting defensively positioned because the risk of a swift move is with the bears. In the coming sessions we will likely either grind higher (and the bear threat alert will lessen considerably once 5341 is retaken) or we will sell off through 5245 which will make this move bigger than anything we’ve seen so far, and therefore “the real deal”…