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FTSE Trading Update – May 4th

Our clients are short the miners and banks – are you?

Over the last few weeks our viewing of the Technical Analysis charts has seen us increasing our bearish slant on the FTSE, mainly citing Financials and Miners as the sectors looking most vulnerable.

Last week we issued short trade recommendations in BHP Billition at 2125, Xstrata at 1198, Barclays at 365 and the FTSE Index at 5632.

Incidentally some of our best results in April were trades in the Finance Sectors, where we were long. We are not just banging one drum. We use Technical Analysis to tell us which way the market’s heading, and we issue our trades accordingly.

We’re still running the short trades mentioned above, as are many of our clients who follow our service. In situations where trades start to make good money we cover half the position, usually for a 5-8% profit, then run the balance by adjusting stops and targets, allowing Technical Analysis to manage trades for maximum profit potential.

Our daily reports have been increasingly warning of a pullback and our next target for the FTSE is 5340.

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