Things getting interesting in Bonds.

Chart action in Bond Futures has been pretty well behaved of late and things could be about to get a whole heap more interesting. Let’s take a look at what’s been, and what could be around the corner: Bund Futures … Continue reading

Copper Bottom? Thats what the charts suggest

We write Analysis on a daily basis for over 30 different markets each day. Sometimes a chart comes along that smacks us in the face and says “Buy” or “Sell”. This doesn’t mean there’s a trade to do, as the … Continue reading

Eurostoxx Technical Analysis – 1st November

An insight into how we look at the markets here at FuturesTechs Mews… .   . . Trade Set Up: Pivotal Intraday level and bottom of previous days Value Area holds as resistance twice in early trade setting Initial Balance. … Continue reading

Forex Technical Analysis for 9th October – Sell GBPUSD

Our early morning Signals reports service is now up and running. This morning’s highest conviction call was a sell in GBPUSD at 1.6060, a trade which is yet to be triggered as early price action was a sell off to … Continue reading

Silver Technical Analysis for 26th September

Our clients will be well aware that we have been getting increasingly bearish of Silver in recent days. Let’s have a look at what has prompted this shift in sentiment. “Bigger picture” charts have a major Fibonacci resistance at 35.16. This … Continue reading

Gold Technical Analysis for 14th September

All week now we’ve been suggesting that Marabuzo support at 1720.6 would be a good place for a buy order. Yesterday this was proved in some style. Just prior to the FOMC announcement we got a 1720 print. Then we … Continue reading

NASDAQ Technical Analysis for 13th September

A number of intertesting developments on this chart in recent days. Here’s what we wrote today:   Instead of gapping higher the NASDAQ failed at the previous days high and Marabuzo resistance. Selling down to 2775.25 was seen before a … Continue reading

Corn Technical Analysis from FuturesTechs

This is what we sent to our clients on Monday talking about Corn Futures: Last week’s low was 788 so bold support at 786 held firm, keeping the bulls in the box seat. I’m not sure the scale of chart … Continue reading

Forex Technical Analysis – EURGBP is a “Buy” here

FuturesTechs is looking to add to it’s Forex coverage in the coming weeks and months, and re-vamping our website to make it more “user friendly” for Individual traders, with extra emphasis on Forex. Below is an excerpt from today’s report … Continue reading

FTSE Futures Technical Analysis for 4th September

Here is an excerpt from our FTSE Futures report that was sent to our clients at 6.48 (UK time) this morning. As you can see our trade idea was to sell at 5745 with targets at 5720, 5695 and 5670. … Continue reading