FuturesTechs News – February 2015

  We started the New Year on a positive note, receiving recognition fin the 2015 Acquisition International Hedge Fund Awards as “Best Technical Analysis for Futures Market – UK”. We have no idea who nominated us for this, or who … Continue reading

Special offer for our Social Media followers

Hello. You’ve most likely ended up here because you’ve clicked a link or message from your Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook account. Here at FuturesTechs we find Social Media, particularly Twitter, to be an excellent way of adding some value to … Continue reading

Things getting interesting in Bonds.

Chart action in Bond Futures has been pretty well behaved of late and things could be about to get a whole heap more interesting. Let’s take a look at what’s been, and what could be around the corner: Bund Futures … Continue reading

Copper Bottom? Thats what the charts suggest

We write Analysis on a daily basis for over 30 different markets each day. Sometimes a chart comes along that smacks us in the face and says “Buy” or “Sell”. This doesn’t mean there’s a trade to do, as the … Continue reading

Eurostoxx Technical Analysis – 1st November

An insight into how we look at the markets here at FuturesTechs Mews… .   . . Trade Set Up: Pivotal Intraday level and bottom of previous days Value Area holds as resistance twice in early trade setting Initial Balance. … Continue reading

Forex Technical Analysis for 9th October – Sell GBPUSD

Our early morning Signals reports service is now up and running. This morning’s highest conviction call was a sell in GBPUSD at 1.6060, a trade which is yet to be triggered as early price action was a sell off to … Continue reading

Silver Technical Analysis for 26th September

Our clients will be well aware that we have been getting increasingly bearish of Silver in recent days. Let’s have a look at what has prompted this shift in sentiment. “Bigger picture” charts have a major Fibonacci resistance at 35.16. This … Continue reading

Gold Technical Analysis for 14th September

All week now we’ve been suggesting that Marabuzo support at 1720.6 would be a good place for a buy order. Yesterday this was proved in some style. Just prior to the FOMC announcement we got a 1720 print. Then we … Continue reading

NASDAQ Technical Analysis for 13th September

A number of intertesting developments on this chart in recent days. Here’s what we wrote today:   Instead of gapping higher the NASDAQ failed at the previous days high and Marabuzo resistance. Selling down to 2775.25 was seen before a … Continue reading

Corn Technical Analysis from FuturesTechs

This is what we sent to our clients on Monday talking about Corn Futures: Last week’s low was 788 so bold support at 786 held firm, keeping the bulls in the box seat. I’m not sure the scale of chart … Continue reading