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Start Your New Year Right!

MiFiD II is here. Good news!!

Good news? What’s he on?

Okay, I get that this has been the bane of the lives of most of us for longer than we care to remember, but I have an alternate view to consider just for a moment, if you don’t mind indulging me?

I set up Futurestechs in 2000. My aim was to provide my daily ramblings on the markets to… well… anyone who would buy it, really!  It’s now 18 years on so I must be doing something right, but one thing I can tell you is it’s been tough attracting new business at times amongst the “Instituational” demographic. I have had traders at all of the big banks and a good number of Hedge Funds take a look at my Analysis over the years, and they’ve liked it. But when it comes to getting “sign off” it was the same old story: “We’re not paying for Analysis, you get loads of free stuff, use that” is what they’re told.

NOT ANY MORE! Well at least that’s the theory. MiFiD II’s “Unbundling” regulations means no more free stuff. It means everyone has to pay for Research. In theory (yes, I’m using that phrase a lot aren’t I?!) everyone’s Inboxes should have dried up as of January 3rd as the days of Free research are now over.

So if you now have to pay for Analysis, why not pay for something that ticks the boxes?  Here are a few boxes I’d like to think FuturesTechs ticks:

Concise and easy to read – no jargon or gobbledygook 
Actionable – We provide clear market direction and support and resistance levels
Reliable – The reports are delivered in a timely manner on a daily basis
Compliant – We are FCA registered. The reports can be delivered by various means, including MiFiD compliant platforms such as ResearchPool and RSRCHXChange
Affordable, transparent pricing – A fixed monthly subscription. Nice and clean!
Well Respected – Over 30 years experience in the markets, 20 as a Technical Analyst. Winner of 6 Awards at the Technical Analyst Awards.

So please be my guest and ask for a FREE TRIAL, and START YOUR NEW YEAR RIGHT!