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It’s Payrolls today

It’s Payrolls today, so strap yourselves in. At FuturesTechs we generally don’t make any bold directional calls on the first Friday of the month, especially in Bond Markets Futures. It’s just such a lottery!!

Many traders put in bids and offers at extreme prices on the numbers, and have said over the years that our levels can be a great reference for this sort of strategy. Sure it’s risky, and you need to be on your toes as the numbers are coming out, but as long as you don’t end up with too big a position you can take advantage of some of the extreme moves seen on the numbers.

Remember this: The market often reacts to the headline number, but this is an entire report on the state of the employment market, with many layers, and it’s what happens in the 15-20 minutes after the inital flurry that is often most telling.

So we hope the numbers treat you well, and that you have a good weekend,