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STA Diploma Course 2014 – Book now

Dear all. I got this today from the STA. In my opinion this is THE best course money can buy on Technical Analysis, and you only have to put up with me for one of the evenings!




Dear Member,

Only one week left to book the Diploma II course at the special discount rate – saving £300! Those wishing to register can either complete the attached and return to the STA office, or book online via

Held at the London School of Economics and in its 21st year, the STA Diploma II course is designed to prepare students for the two-stage MSTA qualification. Over the years we attract students from the major financial and trading institutions, with much of our promotion being through word of mouth and the consistently high standard of the teaching. Lecturers this year include Richard Adcock, UBS; Thomas Anthonj, JP Morgan; Axel Rudolph, Commerzbank; Jeremy du Plessis and David Linton from Updata; plus other well known and leading technical analysts including Malcolm Pryor, George Maclean; Clive Lambert and Steve Goldstein. 

The Diploma II course commences on Thursday 9 January 2014 and runs for 12 weeks, culminating in an exam preparation session on Thursday 3 April 2014 and the Diploma II exam on Wednesday 16 April 2014. Some of the students on the course will have been attending the Diploma I course that is currently running at the LSE. As such, they do not need to book for the Diploma I exam on 5 March.

Those who are going straight onto the Diploma II course, without having first done the Diploma I course, will need to book for the option that includes the level 1 exam on 5 March 2014.

Successful candidates become Full Members of the Society and are entitled to use the designation of MSTA after their name. They are also eligible to receive IFTA’s CFTe certificate on payment of a USD 50 admin fee.

Those of you who are already MSTA qualified may like to pass on these details to any interested colleagues!

Kind regards



Please click below for the Application form or contact us here at FuturesTechs and we’ll put you in touch with the STA.

Diploma II Course Application 2014