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EUA Carbon – Respecting the Vacuums!

One element of our reports is the “Market Profile” section
and here we highlight where the “Single Print Vacuums” are. These are areas
where price trades “thinly” on any given session, only printing these levels
during one of the half an hour periods that Profile splits a day into.

So far today the high/failure was …

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EUA Carbon to 30 Euros by year end?

According to the Ichimoku “Cloud” charts we shouldn’t rule this idea out, but there are some hurdles along the way. Let’s start by looking at some old charts…

This is the daily “Cloud” chart going back a year ago to Decmeber 2018. It shows that once we got above the top of the Cloud the market …

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EUA Carbon Technical Analysis

“Evening Star” at resistance to call a halt to the recent rally?

In candlestick analysis one of the more powerful reversal patterns is the “Evening Star”. According to my book the “rules” for an Evening Star are as follows:

So what we’ve just seen on the daily chart …

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24.90 will be the low in EUA Carbon today…

…according to our Market Profile charts. At Futurestechs we combine Candlestick Analysis on different timeframes (from 10 minute to weekly/monthly charts) with Market Profile.

Market Profile looks at things a bit differently and we’ve always found it can be an excellent overlay; looking at “Volume at Price” to give an extra dimension to our reading …

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